Gardens are a place to relax, have fun and spend time with your family, but walk into a romantic garden and your whole mood can change. Hidden doors, secret sitting areas and secluded spaces all wound together with a soft curved design and colourful planting can bring out the softer side in all of us.

Planning Your Romantic Garden

A lot is going to depend on how much space you have but even a small garden can be transformed with the right amount of planning and a well-researched garden design. A simple bench surrounded by aromas of wonderful flowers in beautiful colours can certainly create the right atmosphere for romance and magic!

If you have more space, then including something like a water feature such as a pond or waterfall can add to the attractiveness of the space. The key to creating a successful romantic space is all in the planning and a skilled and experienced garden designer can help you achieve this.

Romantic Metaphors

There is a reason that some of the most famous poems from the Romantic Poets like Wordsworth and Keats included flowers and landscapes. They understood that flowers could stir the soul and it was a familiar reference point for all. You can take their method and apply it to your own garden, use traditional romantic flowers like roses and peonies or reference flowers that are personal to you like a stem used in a wedding bouquet or special memory to link the planting to your heart. If you have travelled, then include either plants or accessories to remind you of your journey, stones with quotes or wind chimes all add layers of meaning to your garden experience.

Secret Spaces

A little space, carved out of the garden which is shielded from view can be a very special place indeed. A place to reflect on your own or relax with a loved one creates a very romantic ambiance for anyone who comes across it. This space can be as simple as a bench in a corner of the garden, as unique as a secret door, or as formal as a beautifully decorated shed! Surrounding the space with aromatic plants, solar powered fairy lights and beautiful blooms brings the romance in.

Romantic Planting

Soft shades and elegant flowering plants that produce pleasing scents and work well together are the starting point for the flowers in a romantic garden. Large blooms like roses and peonies are traditional and pinks and whites should be included but don’t stop at that colour palette, any colour can be romantic if it fits with your overall garden design or means something special to you.

Plants such as lavender and lilies of the valley are good choices as are more exotic ones such as pineapple guava with its pink and crimson flowers. If you have the space, you might want to consider putting in something like a pergola which creates an elegant archway that can then be dressed with climbing plants such as clematis or a weeping wisteria. Roses, of course, are always a good option and are pretty easy to maintain if you aren’t blessed with green fingers. They come in a variety of colours from stunning reds to luscious yellows and oranges and can be grown almost anywhere.

Romantic Influence

There are lots of places you can find inspiration for your own Romantic Garden, from the famous Italian Gardens – Like Ninfa known as the most Romantic Garden in the world, to Castle Howard’s splendid gardens in Yorkshire or simply from your own experiences. Creating your own romantic garden will let you fall in love all over again.