The clocks have gone forward, marking the arrival of spring, lighter evenings and soon, longer days; and with longer days comes the opportunity to spend more time in our gardens (weather permitting of course). So, it is not surprising that this is a very popular time for people to be thinking about revamping their gardens. 

Thinking about redesigning your garden can be very daunting. Where do you start? What features do you want? How do you know which plants to choose? And of course, how much will it all cost? Investing in your new garden can be expensive but to ‘go it alone’ can mean costly mistakes and a garden that isn’t cohesive and doesn’t bring you the enjoyment that you hoped for.

Stylish terraced garden in West Yorkshire.

Why should I work with a garden designer?

The best analogy we like to use is to ask yourself if you would redesign your house without the help of an architect? I think for most of us, the answer is ‘No.’  It’s the same for garden redesigns; a fully qualified and experienced garden designer will know how to make the most of your garden, from understanding how to deal with a tricky site, to which hard landscaping materials to use and the right plants for your garden.

How to find the right designer for you.

One of the best ways to find a good designer is through personal recommendation; ask around your friends and colleagues; do they know a designer or anyone who has had a garden or planting design? If so, ask them more about it – did their designer take the time to understand their wishes? Did they feel they got value for money? Was the project completed on time?

The Society of Garden Designers, the only professional association for garden designers in the UK, is another route to finding credible designers. Good garden designers will be members of this body and you will know that your designer will be an experienced, competent and creative professional. The team at North Leeds Garden Design are all members and working towards accreditation by this professional body.

Why choose North Leeds Garden Design?

We’re delighted that some of our clients come to us via personal recommendation or have returned to us after moving house, but in fact, many of our clients have told us that one of the reasons that they initially chose us, is that they liked that we design different types and styles of gardens; by checking our portfolio on our website they were able to see a whole range of different types of well-designed gardens. 

We pride ourselves on designing all kinds and sizes of bespoke gardens for our clients from the compact, creatively designed, hardworking edibles garden, to large rural gardens.


Edibles garden in Leeds.


Rural garden in Yorkshire.

We are a team and each of us brings different skills, knowledge and experience, but one thing we all share is a passion for creating beautiful gardens that delight our clients. For more details on us, check out our About Us page.

How do garden designers work with clients?

OK, so we are biased, and we think you should choose us for your garden redesign project; and not just because the results speak for themselves, but because we also have a very thorough and collaborative approach to working with our clients and this is crucial to designing the perfect gardens for them. 

We start with finding out what our clients really want, and how their needs can be met within the space and the budget available. We ask our clients to complete our garden questionnaire which helps them to think about their requirements before we first meet. The questionnaire also asks clients to think about their budget. This isn’t a bad thing; if we have an idea of what you want to spend it is easier for us to be both creative and practical within your budget.  As garden designers we don’t install gardens, but we can assist you in finding a good landscaper who will provide you with a quote once the garden has been designed.

We also encourage people to tell us about how they feel about their garden and how they want things to be different. This helps us understand the emotional impact that the garden is having on them, and what their hopes are for the future. Without this insight we are in danger of designing a space which doesn’t meet the deeper needs of our clients.

How will I know if I will like the new design for my garden?

We understand that it is difficult for clients to picture what their newly designed garden might look like, which is why we provide our clients with high quality Concept Plans and realistic Perspective Views, even realistic walkthroughs of the garden. This immersive experience really helps our clients get a feel for what their new garden will look like and helps them articulate to us any changes they might want.

Time for a garden redesign-4v
Concept plan for a large garden in Yorkshire.
For more information on our approach to presenting design visuals to our clients, check out our ‘Best Ever Offer‘blog.
Time for a garden redesign-5v
Time for a garden redesign-7v
Time for a garden redesign-6v
Time for a garden redesign-8v

How much does garden design cost?

One of the first questions we are often asked by our clients when they are thinking of investing in the gardens is ‘How much will it cost?’ At North Leeds Garden Design, we have some useful guidelines that we share with our clients, which are based on 2023 prices and reflect recent price increases due to inflation.

For a full garden design our fees would normally be something like 10% – 15% of the project build cost. This will include reviewing the layout, practical and aesthetic requirements and developing scale plans for you – a Concept with Visuals, Masterplan, and Planting plan, with meetings at each stage.

A complete garden can cost upwards of £210 per sqm to install, this can easily equate to a minimum investment of about £35k. For this you will receive years of enjoyment of your outdoor space, as well as increasing the value of your home.

For a Planting design – plants, hedges, lawn – then something like a £15-18k budget may well be suitable to meet your wishes, depending on the size and complexity of the space.

A Garden consultation may be the best way to obtain some design input from us if your total budget is under about £15-20k and especially if you need hard landscaping such as a patio, paths or walls. Here we suggest you reserve most of your budget for the garden installation, so armed with your new insights from your Garden Consultation you will be able to confidently instruct a landscape contractor in your local area.

So, if the arrival of spring has got you thinking about plans for your garden get in touch with us and see how we can help.