We sometimes get clients saying to us, ‘We’ve only got a small garden.  I don’t suppose you can really do anything for us?’  This is so not true.  We love working on small gardens, they have their own special qualities. When imaginatively and sympathetically designed they carry their own against any larger projects.

These musings have been prompted by the recent email from the wonderful Houzz website.  In it they extol the small garden and offer links to articles and tips on small garden design.  We should declare an interest right here.  We are listed on Houzz (as well as great source for design ideas it is also a directory for all kinds of design services).  Not only that but we have won Houzz awards for several years now.  So we’re not exactly objective.  But we joined Houzz because we think it’s very good and we’re happy to be seen in their company.  And now back to small gardens;


Our award winning small garden, ‘Transition’, designed for Harrogate Annual Flower Show.

We’ve designed quite a few small gardens over the years and always really enjoy them.  You can see our award winning garden we designed for the Harrogate Flower Garden here.  One thing we can definitely say is that small gardens can often be harder to design than large ones – because there’s nowhere to hide!  Any mistakes really stand out so, possibly counter-intuitively, you will likely need a garden designer more for small garden than a larger one.  You really have to get every aspect of the design of a small garden just right.  Learn more about the story of designing our show garden

Here’s a really good article from the Houzz website that goes over some very sound basic concepts for small garden design; https://bit.ly/3yyIush


The Arabian Riyad is a superb example of small garden design.  Even in all this lush detail the same rules can be seen.  One strong idea, limited plants, make things bigger than you think you should.  Hide boundaries.

There’s a huge range of styles you can use in a small garden, from crisp minimalism to the lush charms of a Riyad style courtyard garden.  You can use water, stone, gravel, even a  tree!  Just about anything can work in a small  garden.  But as the Houzz article makes clear, you need to think extra hard about what you want your garden to do.  Is it somewhere for eating out, or storage, will kids be playing in it?  You may find our garden questionnaire a real help in getting your thoughts sorted out.  Many clients have used it and we get excellent feedback about how helpful they have found it.  Some of our ideas on what can be done in small spaces.

We hope we’ve helped you feel excited about the potential of your small garden.  If you’re stirred to get stuck in and have a dream small garden please fill out or questionnaire and get in touch.  We’d be delighted to design your dream garden.