Having had a one day consultation with Sarah, we were highly impressed with the depth of knowledge and ability to understand our requirements, a long with the overall professionalism she demonstrated. Would recommend the service without hesitation!

R & S F | Moortown | Jan 2022

“Delighted with our lovely new garden designed and planned by Annabel and Sarah. From the first meetings to understand our requirements they demonstrated a real depth of knowledge and professionalism. We have loved watching as the garden has come to life through the seasons.

The bulbs are beautiful, with the tulips coming out just in time for Easter weekend – looking lovely. The pond has been a magnet for wildlife and the plants are getting established. The verbena and grasses have been magnificent even in the first season the garden is beginning to look well established and the care and planning means it looks good throughout the year. The garden is such a pleasure thankyou to Annabel and Sarah the garden continues to amaze us both its wonderful!!”

J & R G | Wakefield | Dec 2021

Sarah took my wants and needs into account and produced a lovely design for my north facing back garden.  I’ve really enjoyed my garden this summer and can’t wait to see it next spring and summer when the plants will have matured a little more and it will have all ‘filled out’.  A really nice experience working with Sarah.

AH |Adel | Dec 2021

We required a refresh and some help for our small and shaded back garden and a few ideas for the front to brighten it up and ensure it is more usable for us and invited Annabel back several years after she did the initial planting plan when we first moved in.  She and Sarah first sent us a crib sheet of what we wanted most from the garden to complete and then a few weeks later completed a site visit to measure up and combined with a couple of Zooms we discussed the finer details such as how much we wanted to do now and in the future to maintain, the things that the garden lacks now and what colours and themes we liked and most importantly how we would actually want to use the garden and what budget we had. The plans were exactly the inspiration we were looking for and we can’t wait for a full growing year to see how the whole project blends and what else we can ourselves through the next few years.

S & T G | Rawdon | Oct 2021

Amazing! I cannot recommend Sarah enough. She designed 2 gardens for me. Both were stunning. I cannot wait to wake up each morning and watch it change over the weeks. It is fantastic throughout the year.

We got married in our garden and Sarah made sure it looked absolutely stunning.

I would highly recommend them.

H & A S | Weetwood | Apr 2021

I have no hesitation in recommending NLGD. Sarah listened carefully to our wishes and incorporated them into the designs for the fairly small front garden.  The plans were carefully thought through, imaginative and evidenced an underlying love of plants.  She adhered to the set budget.  She was approachable, reliable and monitored progress to completion.  Communication was excellent. Thank you Sarah and North Leeds Garden Design.

I & M J | Roundhay Dec 2020

I knew that North Leeds Garden Design were right for me when I received their questionnaire. It was reassuring to feel that Annabel and Sarah set out to understand my needs, and how I might live in the space.

My outdoor space is a little awkward, being 2 north-facing balconies connected by a spiral staircase that sits in the middle of the bottom balcony. But we worked together to agree a layout that would make the most of the light and space.

Annabel and Sarah were honest with me about the things that would impact my budget, and gave me lots of options to consider at each stage.

I don’t know a huge amount about gardening, but they were able to take my inspiration board and turn it into something that would work within the constraints we had.

As part of the design, they commissioned a bespoke cedar bench from Nicholas Edward Gardens, which looks fantastic.

I’m so pleased with the results, and I can’t wait to see the plants flourish next year. Because of COVID-19, I’m still waiting for a few plants and a small tree to arrive. I will share some photos when the garden is complete.

EJ | Hebden Bridge | Sept 2020

From the first phone call to Sarah I was impressed by her enthusiasm and professionalism. She listened to exactly what we were looking for in our new garden layout and brought different ideas to the table.

Once the design was finalised and the work got underway Sarah was on the ball, available to answer any questions and receptive to any changes that were needed. Her knowledge of the different aspects of the garden was immense and you can tell that she has a real passion for it.

She was efficient in her approach and the budget was always considered in decision making, often trying to reuse/recycle where possible.

We are very much looking forward to enjoying our garden this year and sitting out on the new patio when it is in full bloom.

C & D K | Meanwood | Oct 2019

North_Leeds_Garden_Design_Meanwood_ Oct_2019

“Sarah and Annabel have transformed our garden over the past few months. From design and specification to implementation and maintenance they have been fantastic. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with these passionate and hugely knowledgeable ladies. We can’t wait to see how our garden matures – roll on next summer!”

S & G C | Stutton, N.Yorks | Sep 19

Working with Sarah has been amazing from start to finish and we absolutely love our new garden. It was a complete wreck before she started, an uneven, messy quagmire – it had been completely neglected! I/we had a vision for what we wanted yet didn’t know where to start, despite doing hours of research.

From our very first meeting, Sarah took her time to understand how we wanted to use it, our preferences on schemes, colours and lots of different aspects, including our budget which was fairly limited – her knowledge was incredible and where we weren’t sure she sent us examples and images to look through.

Once planned out, we discussed landscaper options and sarah advised on this. We waited a while for the landscaper due to his busy schedule however, once on site he completed the job so quickly it was great to watch – it would have taken us years to do it ourselves! He did a professional job to a very high standard.

Sarah did the planting last week (due to our lack of time) and has now provided detailed plant care plans, she has really looked after us and thought about everything we need to know – she’s coming back to see us in spring to make sure everything is ok. Looking forward to that. I/we 100% recommended Sarah!

J & T S | Roundhay | Oct 19

Right from the start North Leeds Garden Design managed to envision exactly how we wanted our new garden to look. There were things we struggled to articulate but Sarah somehow understood and incorporated them so that the final result well exceeded our expectations.

The planting was carefully organised so that there is always something lovely to look at in every season, and Sarah supervised the planting herself. The garden was beautiful right from the start and it is hard to believe it has only just been planted and is not yet fully established. Alongside the garden project there was also major building work going on but NLGD systematically worked around this to pull off an amazing result that we are so pleased with.

E & W H | East Keswick | May 2017

Having never had a garden design before I wasn’t sure what to expect and if I were to be lucky enough to do it again I would be better prepared. However Sarah and Annabel made up for my lack of research with their knowledge. Sarah was excellent at capturing the brief – which was a bit sketchy – and turning this into a ‘dream’ garden.

The planting scheme is beautiful and I can’t wait to see how the garden ‘blossoms’ in year one. The aftercare service has been great and I know if I have any concerns I could drop them an email.

Great job – thank you! We now have a garden we want to spend time in.

I & R F | Menston | Jan 2017


I was amazed how much Sarah and Annabel were able to achieve in our small garden. It now feels larger and all the different levels really work. They were attentive and patient during the whole design process and I’ve ended up with the country garden feel that I wanted.

The garden is now in its second season and it’s exciting to see how it changes each month as new areas and plants come to life. Thoroughly worthwhile getting in the experts to achieve more than I ever could have on my own. The follow up meetings have also been fantastic.

I would definitely recommend North Leeds Garden Design and will certainly think about using them again should we move house in the future.

J & O P | East Keswick | Mar 2016

Having bought a new build house, we were not surprised that we ended up with a small square of turf underlaid by anonymous rubble, but thanks to North Leeds Garden Design we now have a wonderful entertaining and gardening space, with colour and intrigue.

There was a slope to the back garden and this has been levelled out to create a beautiful sweeping patio.

We are very happy with the completed job and are so excited to see the first shoots popping through from the bulbs planted as the ‘finishing touch’ to the garden following our follow up meeting 6 months after completion.

S & E B | Adel | Feb 2016

What was the best thing about the work we did for you?

The fantastic result – My garden is a true extension of me, I love it, colours texture and design.

What would you say to other people about us?

They listen to your wants, get to know you and your favourite colours and build a garden design that works for you. The garden is a true pleasure now.

Are there any comments or suggestions you'd like to share with us?

Thanks so much for making my outdoor space fabulous.

A F | Roundhay | Aug 2015

What was the best thing about the work we did for you?

Everything! a first class from beginning to the end.

What would you say to other people about us?

Highly recommend you to anybody

Are there any comments or suggestions you'd like to share with us?

keep up the good work!

G & L K | Rodley | Jul 2015

What was the best thing about the work we did for you?

Listening to our various ideas and producing an easily managed result.

What would you say to other people about us?

Highly professional approach with great knowledge, whilst accepting that further research and analysis is sometimes required. This was never too much trouble. Ideal network of colleagues to complement the Project with hard landscaping etc.

Are there any comments or suggestions you'd like to share with us?

Very happy to recommend unreservedly.

K & P T | Alwoodley Jul 2015