As garden designers we are always on the lookout for new ideas, design and products. If you find something very unusual you can base an entire garden design around it, plants to complement and shapes created to help discovery. Whether your garden is large or small, quirky garden products can add extra interest and a little bit of sparkle to you outdoor space.

Quirky Garden Products

For those with inquiring minds or quirky souls, if you want your garden to have a little more character or you’re itching to try out the latest technology that makes your plants grow, here are some quirky garden inventions that might just pique your interest.

Garden Igloos

You may have seen them popping up in homes across the country, the Garden Igloo is becoming quite popular in the UK. Lightweight and movable, it can be used as a gazeebo or even a greenhouse. The igloo looks great in any garden and has plenty of space. Produced by an American company and made from 100% recycled materials, it doesn’t rot or corrode and is easy to assemble.

Bluetooth Speaker and Light

If you want some music and light in the garden on those balmy evenings, the latest technology can certainly help. There are a number of Bluetooth speakers that can connect to your smartphone play lists and are excellent for the garden. The ‘aGlow’ Bluetooth Speaker from Kreafunkis is one example that can give you hours of relaxing music for that evening get together or moment of quiet contemplation.

The Smart Sensor

Ever wonder if it’s the right time to give your garden a water? Edyn in America have developed a smart garden sensor that helps you with just that. Stick it in the soil and the device connects to your smartphone, alerting you when the soil gets too dry. It can not only track moisture but also check the light getting to your plants and the nutrition level of the soil. It’s the hi-tech way to get perfect plants.

The Singing Duck Watering Can

If you aren’t satisfied with the standard watering can, get one in the shape of a singing duck. Made by hand from galvanised metal, it not only does the job it was intended to do but looks great in the garden. Available from the Getting Personal website, you can also get watering cans in the shape of a frog, robin and even an elephant.

Personalised Deck Chairs

It seems you can personalise practically anything nowadays. Got a favourite photo you want turning into a deck chair? It’s now easy to do and there are a number of outlets such as Eyes Wide Digital that can transform a plain deck chair into something more noticeable. All you need to do is upload your photo or image to their site and they do the rest.

Upcycled Denim Planter

If you want something quirkier than your standard planter you can now buy brilliant designs to add a little sparkle to your garden. One such offering is the Denim Planter which you can either buy readymade online or have a go at making yourself. Denim is pretty durable material and looks great in the garden, especially when it’s put in the right place.

Prune and Dig

Combine a cutting tool with a trowel with a 2 in 1 hand held shovel and shears from a company called Quirky Labs. It’s called the Prune and has a spring loaded lock that opens up the trowel when you need to cut something. If you prefer your gardening kit to be as streamlined and as useful as possible then this could be just the tool to get you going in the morning.

Celebrate Literature in the Garden

Reading in a garden is a favourite pastime of many people, now you can turn your garden into an exploration of your favourite children’s stories. The fantastic bronze sculptures by Robert James are truly beautiful and can uniquely reflect your favourite characters including Alice in Wonderland, Toad of Toad Hall and Winnie the Pooh. Fantastic fantasy statues available for your garden.

Unique Planters

Planters play a huge part in any garden, they add focus, colour and draw the eye in a planned direction, but they don’t have to be terracotta pots! Garden centres do stock a good range of planters but for something completely unique try your local salvage yard or antique dealer. Old sinks, baths and even toilets make for great planters – chimney pots, birdcages, Victorian prams or bicycles can all be reclaimed and reused to create interesting and colourful additions to your garden.