Welcome to the world of computer-generated 3D visuals.


Thanks to the design software we use at North Leeds Garden Design we are able to show you your garden as it will look once designed and built.

I have been honing my skills for a couple of years and have just about managed to turn out a walk through which I am happy to present.  The perspective views we have been doing for a few years have improved our client’s understanding of what they are going to look out at and enjoy being in.

Now with walk throughs and fly overs mainly done by our whizzy new colleague Erica, we can help you to understand what it will be like in your garden; sitting in your new dining space, relaxing by your exuberant planting, cooking at the barbecue or just taking a stroll in your outdoor space.  The technology even allows us to give you a winter setting with no leaves on the trees and snow on the lawn, it’s quite amazing

Our most recent clients have benefitted from these changes to our presentations and so far so good.  Though our hand drawn perspectives gave a sense of being in a couple of areas of your garden, we can now show you every corner.

Whilst I have a way to go to match Erica’s technical expertise, I’m quietly proud of what I’ve achieved in bringing the designs to life, as a team we can only get better.


The majority of garden designers work in isolation, we are fortunate at North Leeds Garden Design to have three experts who all bring something different to the mix.  We work collaboratively to give you the best design for your garden according to your needs and wishes and now we’re presenting it to you in the best way possible so you can really understand what it will be like in your new garden.


Have your garden designed by us and take advantage of all we can offer.  Sign up now and enjoy a new garden next summer!  Complete our online garden questionnaire to share what you’d like to achieve in your outdoor space.