Large Country garden with boating pool – Hawksworth

We have been working for several years to bring into being a large rural garden near Hawksworth.

Initially just a sloping field with views to the Yorkshire moors, the garden structure has emerged as a series of spaces, graduating from formal terrace to informal boating pool set in a wildlife meadow.

Our clients now have the key structures they wanted; a large level lawn with open views; a very spacious patio for family entertaining – sheltered from the strong westerly winds by gabion walling, next to which is planned a full outdoor kitchen; linked by paths which enable them also to reach their smallholding area.

An early decision to deal with the strong winds by planting a large shelter belt of mixed trees has already started paying off.  More formal hedging will be added near the patio area and around the lawn to filter the wind in those areas.

Planting will include grasses and taller flowers which will respond to the wind playing across the garden.  And the stone-filled gabions, which hark back to the industrial past of the area, will have native ferns and stonecrops nestling in their crevices.

Location : Hawksworth, West Yorkshire  

Build year : Ongoing

Project cost : £100k+

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