Incredible Edibles


With vegetables, flowers and fruit in profusion this small garden is perfect for a passionate gardener. Raised beds add structure and double as informal seating.

Incredible edibles 3

A purple cloud of verbena and cranesbill with gentle pops of subtle white of Japanese anemone flowers.  Verbena and cranesbill are great food plants for many insects.  A fitting touch for a garden dedicated to food.

Incredible edibles 4

Hot splashes of scarlet dahlias liven the greenery of the vegetable beds. They are also great companion plants for many vegetables, helping to keep away pests. A lot of thought has gone into getting the maximum out of this small plot.

Incredible edibles 5

A compact greenhouse in a sunny spot. This design packs a huge amount into a small space.

Incredible edibles 2

Now you see it, soon you won’t. That essential shed will be screened by cordoned fruit trees trained along tensioned wires.

Incredible edibles 6

The perfect sun trap for a refreshing cuppa after watering thirsty courgettes.

Incredible edibles 1