Harrogate Flower Show 2024

Creative Border Entry

We are delighted to be showing at this year’s Harrogate Flower Show in the Creative Borders category.

This is Amber’s first time competing at a show, and you can find more information about her entry and plant list below.


Title: Away We Go

Concept: I’ve always been fascinated with the very edge of a border, where the manicured bumps into the wild.

This concept depicts that threshold, taking the visitor towards the very back of a bed, looking out onto an adjacent field. A rustic post & rail fence denotes the separation between ‘garden’ and ‘wild’.

Naturalistic planting including a self-grown sapling forms the ‘wild’ side, while rhythm and

texture through the look and feel of cottage-style planting will form the ‘garden’ side.

The stepping stones are a playful addition that invite you to venture beyond the border and into the wild, evoking a wonderful feeling of freedom and adventure.

Tertiary colours have been used – blues, oranges, and violets – creating combinations full of complementary and contrasting hues. The ‘garden’ side is full of colour, while the ‘wild’ side focuses more on greens and whites, and visually appears more subdued.

Although the ‘garden’ side is well tended, we know that Mother Nature has her own ideas, so we see certain plants creep into the manicured side, providing cohesion across both sides, as well as a nod to the natural growth seen in our gardens.


Plant List

Aquilegia ‘Yabeana’
Betula pendula
Carex Testacea
Chionochloa rubra
Geranium ‘Prelude’
Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’
Melica uniflora f. albida
Muscari Armeniacum
Narcissus Snipe
Paeonia ‘Lady Alexandra Duff’
Primula ‘Lady Greer’
Tulip ‘Havran’
Veronica gentianoides
Thymus vulgaris


If you’re curious as to how we can help with a planting design or full concept design, please contact us for initial discussions.

You can see our first Silver Gilt winning show garden, the ‘Transition Garden’ here.

With special thanks to Cliff Bank Nursery for supplying our wonderful plants.


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