The garden may not seem like the place to explore trends – after all, you can’t really make plants grow faster or differently just because you want them to! But there are garden trends, often to do with elements from fashion and interior design that are transformed to outdoor spaces and here are a few of them for 2017.

Comfortable Seating

We like to be comfortable when sitting in the house with chairs, sofas, bean bags and much more. Well, 2017 will see this trend move to outdoors as well. Gone are the days of hard wooden benches or metal chairs that pinch when you sit in them. Instead, the trend for 2017 is to have comfortable outdoor seating areas as well as unusual shapes such as swinging round seats or even daybeds.

Colour Blocking

If you search clothing stores you will quickly see colour blocking everywhere – the use of blocks of colour that create a bold look. Colour blocking is now moving into gardening with the use of blocks of colour in outdoor spaces. This might be using a painted area behind a planter to create a block of colour, coloured tiles, or even using a solid coloured outdoor rug on a patio area. Living blocks of colour are also very on trend, greens, browns and reds are all easily achievable hues using plants alone. Brighter living colours such as pinks and yellows can be achieved with clever plant selection and can easily change seasonally, keeping the block while changing the colour.

Garden Kitchens

Using outdoor spaces to cook and entertain has been around for a while and now progresses to the desire to have outdoor kitchen areas. Often this is focused around the barbecue but recognises that people are more serious about outdoor cooking – so preparation areas, a spot for a fridge or even a sink can be included. Fire Pits, Pizza Ovens, Tandoori Ovens or a more traditional fireplace for both cooking and heating are growing in use and popularity.

Planning & Design

With more and more of us using our outdoor space as an extra room, it is little wonder that the design of our garden is becoming increasingly important. Gone are the days of long lawns with floral borders, a well designed and developed space that performs many functions is now what is required. Garden planning book buying is up, as is the use of professional garden designers who can help turn your outdoor space dreams into gorgeous garden reality!

Attractive Lighting

Lighting your garden has moved from practical to decorative with the growth of light shapes and styles as well as the use of fairy lights. 2017 will continue to see this trend be popular with the increasingly good quality of solar powered lights (remember how useless they once were) and the use of small, shaped and even colour changing lights to decorate areas.

Going Local

Lots of us are into the trend of buying local – food, handmade products or even furniture. But the garden trend known as ‘hyperlocalism’ takes this a step further – it not only uses locally made products but also focuses on plants native to the local area. It is a big trend in the US where the different environments make this possible but it still something we can do here in the UK. Taking inspiration from your local area’s natural environment, perhaps taking note of what grows in a nearby wood, hedgerow or park. If plant spotting isn’t your thing, then talking to a local nursery or garden centre about what is local to the area where you live is a good idea, they can also advise how to purchase or take cuttings so your own garden reflects this.

And Finally…

With 2016 having so many significant and unexpected things happening on the world stage (think Brexit and Trump) this next garden trend is something to smile about. The growth (pun intended) of tiny gardens and miniature environments is a feel good garden trend that everyone can get involved in no matter how much space you have. Once the domain of children and flower clubs, creating mini gardens has never been so popular, possibly being inspired by the likes of Pot Hole Gardeners ( everyone can try these. From sectioning off a little area of your own garden, to creating a miniature world in a plant pot or window box, these gardens are only limited by your imagination. Pick a scene from your favourite movie, a description from your favourite book or add fun features such as a home for a gnome or a fairy house for a touch of whimsy.

The garden trends for 2017 are starting to be seen in gardens across the UK right now, to add something new to your garden, be it a complete redesign or just adding a new refocused area, North Leeds Garden Design can help your garden fit your lifestyle and create a perfect space just for you.