Garden not great? Need some help deciding what to do about it?

Complete our garden questionnaire – it will help you be clear what you want from your garden space.  And help you brief a garden design company like us with confidence and clarity.

Garden Questionnaire

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    About my garden now:

    1. Any particular reason I’m thinking about changes to my garden?

    a. Recently moved homeb. Building work has affected the garden e.g. extension, conservatory, drivewayc. Want to spend more time in the garden generallyd. Family’s growing upe. Doesn’t fit my needs any moref. I fancy a changeg. I don’t know where to start!h. Takes up too much timei. Just doesn’t look great

    2. What are the main things that bother me about my garden?

    a. Overlooked - no privacyb. Nowhere to sitc. Overgrownd. Shadye. New home – bare gardenf. Slopingg. Plants don’t thriveh. Traffic noisei. No views from inside the housej. Feels very datedk. It’s just not mel. Nothing’s in the right place

    About the practicalities:

    3. Do I need a ………

    a.seating area/patiob.shed for bikes/toys/toolsc.children’s play aread.concealed place for rubbish binse.washing linef.driveway / hard standingg.fence or for ediblesi.pond or water feature

    4. Is there anything in the garden I want to keep?

    a. Shed/cabin /garden buildingb. Seating area/patioc. Driveway /hard standingd. Treese. Flowerbedsf. Pondg. Some favourite plantsh. Hedges/fencing

    About the garden of my dreams

    5. How do I see myself using my new garden?

    a. Peaceful relaxationb. Socialising, party spacec. Children’s play aread. Outdoor dininge. Soaking up the sunf. Growing my own fruit & vegg. Enjoying natureh. Pottering amongst the flowers

    6. Imagining myself in my new garden ... how do I feel?

    a. Energised, ready to gob. Relaxed and calmc. Looking for adventured. Happy to be homee. Enjoying naturef. Loving the social whirlg. Pleased the kids have a place to play

    7. What styles of outdoor space appeal to me?

    a. Romantic indulgenceb. Urban courtyardc. Wildlife gardend. Formal simplicitye. Rolling lawnsf. Edibles gardeng. Modern and minimalh. Funky play spacei. Shady gladej. Oasis of calmk. Roof terracel. Don’t know

    8. How often do I want to use my new garden?

    a. Every day when the weather’s fineb. Evenings & weekends onlyc. Summer onlyd. All year, all weatherse. Something else

    Now the reality check!

    9. Have I got time to look after a new garden?

    a. Not reallyb. I can find an hour a weekc. I’d like to get into gardening, so perhaps two hours a weekd. It’ll be odd days of activity – maybe 6 a yeare. Yes - I love my garden, just try and stop me!f. No - but I’m going to use a gardener

    10. Any thoughts about my budget for this project? Is it……

    a. £20-40kb. £40-60kc. £60k upwardsd. I'm not sure

    11. How can North Leeds Garden Design best help me?

    a.give me ideas and fresh me how to get the best out of my spacec.find practical solutions to problem areasd.create my dream garden!e.advise me on making the most of my budgetf.I just need pointing in the right directiong.someone to sit down with me and talk it through

    12. Do you think you need?

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