Menston, Stylish Terraced Garden

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“Annabel and Sarah have turned this into a dream garden. I can’t wait to see how the garden blossoms. Great job – thank you! We now have a garden we want to spend time in”

R & I F, 2017

Working with difficult terrain in a garden design

 We have transformed this difficult sloping space into a spacious and usable garden for sitting and eating out, pottering amongst the flowers – and generally relaxing. 

The terracing is designed as a journey from indoor to outdoor. This transitions in clear stages as we progress down the terraces, from the formal top terrace to the more informal setting of the lower garden.


A garden that flows from indoors to outdoors and back again

 The clean simple lines of the top terrace area reflect modern tastes whilst respecting the traditional materials and design of the house. Stepping from the sitting room into this paved area provides a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. Here the paving keeps the area more formal, providing an open-air room to be enjoyed for parties, eating outside, and that all important sundowner.

Stepping down to the next level the garden asserts itself more strongly, space opens up, but is contained by deep borders. This echoes the open room of the first terrace whilst continuing the transition to the more informal garden of the lower level.


Taking our gaze on a garden journey

 The borders are edged with oak sleepers which provide a transition from the stone walling of the first terrace to the more organic feel of this second area. One’s eye is drawn through the framing of the featured arch to the gently sloping lawn studded with fruit trees.

The central arch act as a unifying feature providing a resting place for the eye whilst also drawing the gaze both to the garden from the house, and from the garden to the house, linking the whole space together.

The steps and the arch align the axis of the garden with the French windows giving a spectacular view that brings the garden right into the open plan kitchen-dining room.

There are bulbs in spring, evergreens for winter structure and a host of flowering perennials inbetween.

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Project Cost

£70k +  Full Design & Build



Our clients felt their large, semi-rural garden was almost unusable because its slope left nowhere to sit; the existing island beds were unsuited in scale and planting to the character of their home; and the local rabbits were causing havoc!



Terracing the slope, improving drainage and installing rabbit fencing, opening up the terrace with new steps, turfing and finally planting…….