Stylish Terrace Garden

Our brief here was to turn a difficult sloping space into a spacious and usable garden for sitting and eating out, pottering amongst the flowers – and generally relaxing.
By opening up the existing terrace space, and providing a wide set of steps down onto the main lawn, our clients and their guests now have a complete vista, where once they felt enclosed and separated from the garden.
The view from the house has been enhanced with some well-behaved trees set into large retaining raised beds. Our client wanted plenty of flower beds to enjoy her gardening passion – now she has them!

A pair of rose arches now lead through from the main lawn down to the lower orchard area. In time these arches will be covered with roses and clematis, enriching the garden with their scent.

There are now several places to sit and enjoy varied views of the garden, catching the sun at different times of the day.
The side garden now has a small kitchen garden – and in time there will be a chicken run!

“Annabel and Sarah have turned this into a ‘dream’ garden. I can’t wait to see how the garden ‘blossoms’. Great job – thank you! We now have a garden we want to spend time in.”

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