Elegant Gravel Garden, Menston

A subtle suite of variations on colour, texture and light.


The carefully refined palette creates a quiet elegance. While the Japanese maple adds a splash of burgundy.


Clipped bay trees stand sentinel at the front door. Place-making without the drama.


The gravel and paving subtly enrich the gentle harmonies of the stonework.


The beautiful Japanese maple is situated where it can be seen from the sitting room.


Sea Hollies add their strong sculptural presence to the space. Their silver blue, their gleam, subtly echoes and replies to the burgundy and fire of the Japanese maple.


Despite it’s highly refined poetry this is a very practical garden. Carefully selected bulbs and evergreen plants offer interest in all seasons whilst being easy to maintain. The gravel covers an ugly manhole and enhances the space whilst minimising weeds. This is a garden thoughtfully designed for a modern lifestyle.