East Keswick, Courtyard garden

These clients had a courtyard garden filled with stolid shrubs that had outgrown their space and made the space feel quite constrained. However, they wanted to keep the tall hedging as it forms a useful screen and gives a sense of complete seclusion. So our brief here was to surround the relaxed seating areas with planting offering a fresh and uplifting mood.

We chose pretty, colourful planting which adds a light and airy feel to the space and shows well against the conifer hedge behind.

There are now several places to sit and enjoy varied views of the garden, catching the sun at different times of the day.

The side garden now has a small kitchen garden – and in time there will be a chicken run!

“Annabel and Sarah have turned this into a ‘dream’ garden. I can’t wait to see how the garden ‘blossoms’. Great job – thank you! We now have a garden we want to spend time in.”

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