Scandi Style is very much the in vogue design concept at the moment, influencing fashion with great designers like Stockholm girl Ann-Sofie Back and food influences such as the famous Noma restaurant in Copenhagen. Scandinavian Style is on the map and nowhere is this more apparent than in our homes and now our gardens. Incorporating clean lines and understated elegance, with a thought and the right choice of plants and furniture you can easily bring a touch of Nordic charm to your outdoor space in no time at all.

What is a Scandinavian Style Garden?

We’re talking about simple lines, clean colours, natural wood and a nod to the landscape all of which are aesthetically pleasing to look at and pretty simple to maintain. Think minimalist and natural and you’ll be close to the mark. Scandinavian gardens don’t have the amount of warmth and sunshine that we do in the UK and these limitations define what they can and can’t do. Transporting Scandi Style to British shores and you have a look and feel that oozes class while providing spaces that are calming and, some say, rejuvenating.

Scandi Garden Design Style

While areas like the patio and garden path are designed to give a minimalist look, simplicity is always combined with brilliant splashes of colour. It usually involves planting lots of flowers that don’t necessarily require rich soil but you don’t have to stick to traditional Scandinavian blooms if you don’t want to. Adding in clean, functional garden furniture made from natural woods can set your garden space off to perfection. In short, designing your Scandi garden is all about being selective and thinking about what you want to include.

Wild Planting & Back to Nature

There are a variety of plants you can include in your garden if you want a Scandinavian flavour, whether you are laying beds or using carefully positioned planters. Purple flowers like wolf bane and the alpine milk vetch are good choices, the glacier buttercup is something more out of the ordinary and you can’t beat the odd wild strawberry here or there. Trees and shrubs such as the bird cherry and downy birch or dwarf juniper all can add a touch of definition to your garden. Scandi gardens also tend to have food plants such as blackberry bushes and fruit trees as well as herbs like dill and parsley.

Scandinavian Garden Furniture

Scandinavian interior decoration has become popular with stores like IKEA in the UK, but they also have a good range of garden furniture to choose from. But don’t just look here, Scandinavian furniture design has been adopted into many high street stores and there are also an emerging number of designers like Dansk Mobel Kunst who offer more unique pieces.

Natural wood tables and chairs go well with patio areas and outdoor pavilions and give that feel of being close to nature which is important to the Scandinavian style of living. If all wood is not your thing, then there are a variety of styles in metal and plastic that look equally good. Accessories such as plant pots normally have a distinct style, add a few candle holders for evening lighting and you can create just the right ambience. You could also put in a fire pit or other outdoor heating system for cooler evenings.

There’s plenty to choose from if you want a Scandi Style garden, whether you have just a small space or something more substantial. If you like clean lines and want an uncluttered sense of wellbeing, then this could be the perfect design choice for you and your family.