Country Vibe Garden, East Keswick

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“I was amazed how much Sarah and Annabel were able to achieve in our small garden. It now feels larger and all the different levels really work. Thoroughly worthwhile getting in the experts to achieve more than I ever could have on my own. I thoroughly recommend them to you.”

JP, 2016

Variety and interest in a small garden

From an awkward plot at the side of the house – to a garden which not only feels roomy but also finds space for two seating areas on different levels, as well as for flower beds, easy steps to the rear garden and even a lovely Japanese acer.

When we first saw the plot it looked forlorn and unloved. We knew we had a challenge but we could already see its potential to move from the wings to centre stage.


Start with a good structure for your garden

This neglected duckling needed a deep structural reconfiguration. It was time to tear it all up and start all over again.

We turned the slope, which was not at all welcoming, to our advantage and completely re- landscaped it to make two flat terraces. The higher terrace is now edged with low retaining walls perfect for perching on with a cup of coffee. The lower terrace has a grassed area which culminates in a second paved which is perfect for the BBQ area.

The two terraces, with their contrasts between brick edging, rendered walls and riven paving, provide strong visual interest uniting the whole area, and giving it some seriously good bone structure.


A well-placed trellis discreetly masks the garden gubbins

We closed the vista at the end of the bottom terrace with tall trellising draped with climbers such as clematis and chocolate vine that gives a soft finale, whilst also discreetly masking the more mundane part of anyone’s garden – the parking and the bins!


A garden for relaxing and entertaining

What was an unloved, underused area of the garden has now become the focus of the families’ outdoor life, a perfect area for eating out and entertaining, capable of accommodating both intimate gatherings and large BBQs for all the neighbours, or a cosy chat with a friend over a glass of wine. 

A garden now ready for chilling and relaxing!

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Project Cost

Project cost  £40 – 70k  Full Design & Build.



These clients were fed up with their lacklustre lawn and crumbling steps.  They hardly used the space except as a means to get to the back door, and to hang out washing.  So they asked us to come up with a new design that gave them a garden with proper access, sensory appeal, and plenty of flexible seating space.



Terracing the slope, improving drainage and installing rabbit fencing, opening up the terrace with new steps, turfing and finally planting…….