We offer design and horticultural advice and ideas to help solve specific problems you may have with your garden. This is a per-hour consultancy service.

From a design point of view we are often asked to give ideas on things like: identifying the best location for your new seating area, or working out a re-configuration of an area following an extension or new garage build.

We can also review part of the garden layout, for example to assess changes to the way you want to use your garden and offer options, or advise on the siting and materials for a new path or feature.

With our horticulturalist hat on we may advise on anything plant-related, for example: plants to use in a shady or damp border; correct pruning of shrubs to aid flowering; dealing with plant pests and diseases, or how to move to a more wildlife-friendly type of gardening.

With North Leeds Garden Design’s help, you’ll be on the way to fulfilling your garden’s potential.



This client had an empty space and asked us to advise. We suggested 3 easy-care plants for all-year interest, with a central standard rose to match the 2 standard evergreens framing the front door.

After spring bulbs, purple erysimum will flower all summer matched with tall alliums, with butter-yellow sisyrinchium and soft red potentilla joining in turn, and neat evergreen hebe ‘Caledonia’ taking the bed through the winter. Elegant, crimson, standard rose ‘Darcey Bussell’ adds further kerb appeal, as well as being viewed from inside the house.

Even in winter the space still has green and gold interest. Everything looks neat and tidy, awaiting the spring warmth.