Arts and Crafts Garden

A beautiful unspoilt Arts and Crafts house gets a garden to match.

Arts and Crafts 6

Delicate pale pink penstemons, with vibrant geraniums, create a delicate texture and pretty palette that William Morris could have designed wallpaper from.

Arts and Crafts 5

Japanese Anemone, its filigree stems contrasting with the heraldic leaves, topped by haunting white flowers, is a perfect plant for an Arts and Crafts garden.

Arts and Crafts 2

Flowering climbers will twine up the obelisks. Designed to reflect the architecture of the house the rhythm of the framing reflecting that of the windows panes. Once covered in their climbers the height and energy they will bring will add the perfect wow to this subtle and intelligent design.


Soft hued paving, harmonising with the stone of the front wall and the house, brings everything together. Gravel bedding adds an almost Japanese note of calm.

Arts and Crafts 4

Discreet uplights ensure that the accessible path will be just as safe, and elegant, at night.

Arts and Crafts 4

Spring sees the garden awash with elegant tulips.