North Leeds Garden Design is Sarah Johnson and Annabel Bridge.

We are passionate about garden design and plants.  We have many happy clients around West and North Yorkshire since we started the business in 2007. and you can see our reviews here.



Interested in plants in my own garden, I first achieved Level 2 in Horticulture from the Royal Horticultural Society in 2002, before completing my training in Garden Art & Design at Leeds Metropolitan University in 2006. I founded North Leeds Garden Design in 2007.

I spend a lot of time enjoying creating designs, researching ideas and drawing up presentations at a computer. I love getting into the fresh air, too – a day spent with a client discussing their wishes for their garden, or getting hands-on planting their borders. 

Plants are my passion; they help give atmosphere and a sense of place to a space, and there are always new plants to be discovered, & old plants to be combined in new ways. Our gardens are places of pleasure for us but also vital havens for a wide range of creatures, and I am fascinated by how we can make gardens into places of wellbeing for all. 



I completed my BA in Garden Art & Design from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2004. I worked for myself before joining Sarah in North Leeds Garden Design in 2011.

I love all aspects of design and am passionate about ensuring the gardens I design sit inside the wider world of contemporary design. I love working out how a garden can meet all the many practical desires of our clients, such as play areas, entertainment ‘rooms’ etc, and still be a stunning visual and sensory feast.

Both Sarah and Annabel belong to the Society of Garden Designers and British Association of Landscape Industries and are avid readers of the latest trade and design publications, and they love spending time in their own gardens!

What We do

Whether you want us to design an easy to maintain family garden, a flourishing garden full of flowers and interesting plants, or a grown-up space for entertaining, we will design your garden around you and the way you use your outdoor space.

We are experts at getting the best out of the space you have in your garden and will ensure it reflects the way you live, for example ensuring you have space for the trampoline so you can keep an eye on the children from the house, or a secluded area where you can feel entirely private and relax and enjoy your favourite tipple.

We are often asked to create low maintenance design and this has become something of a speciality for us. We are also interested in eco-gardening, which covers everything from choosing local plants and making gardens wildlife friendly, to thinking carefully about how to design to meet the challenges of climate change.

We have good relationships with a number of landscapers who can install your new garden, but we like to carry out the planting and finishing touches ourselves.

Whether or not we have developed a garden design for you, we love to create planting designs – to refresh existing planting, to give you a completely new look to your garden borders, or to be more functional such as screening out unwanted views.  We are happy to re-develop just one border or the entire garden.  Each of our clients receives a detailed garden maintenance schedule to help them keep the planting looking as good in the future.

We enjoy working with garden-owners whatever your needs; avid gardeners, those who need help with a particular problem, and those who have a garden for the first time and don’t know where to start. We offer a consultation service to help you on your way, refine your ideas, or maybe look at the feasibility of your plans.

Find out more about our services

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Sarah & Annabel