North Leeds Garden Design is Sarah Johnson, Annabel Bridge and Erica Warren.

Your project will be handled by all members of our design team.  We work together to create your new garden, drawing on our training, knowledge and experience of design and garden products.

This gives you a fantastic garden design which is a synergy between the practical requirements, the opportunities and limitations of the space, balanced with the creative input that we bring to ensure an aesthetically pleasing garden which you want to both spend time in and admire from inside your lovely home.

Great job – thank you! We now have a garden we want to spend time in  IRF Menston, W Yorkshire

We have many happy clients around Yorkshire since we started working together in 2012, you can see more of their reviews here.

Sarah Johnson


One of my key roles is client liaison – generally it will be me you see at a site visit, discussing your garden dreams with you so that we can create a garden space that really meets your needs. 

I develop many of our designs and especially enjoy creating planting designs, particularly where multi-season planting is required.  Many of our clients are time-poor and therefore I am adept at creating lower maintenance gardens. 

I believe our gardens should not only reconnect people with the natural world but encourage wildlife as an integral part of the dynamic. I’m also particularly interested in designing edibles into the urban garden.

Annabel Bridge


My roles are largely based around design development, with a particular emphasis on 2D drafting, 3D modelling, rendering and high-quality garden visuals.

I try to make our gardens sustainable and always consider the environment to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible, this ranges from materials to plants and everything in between.

I gain inspiration from the wider world of contemporary design, architecture to product design and graphic design to fonts, and I also have particular passion for ceramics, most notably tiles.

In terms of our business it will often be me on our social media channels whilst Sarah posts the images and videos from her lovely garden in Adel and whilst out and about.

Erica Warren


With degrees in Psychology, I spent my earlier career as a senior manager in the NHS. As a result, I bring a professional approach, working with clients to help them achieve their design aspirations for their gardens. 

With my Psychology background, combined with a passion for contemporary design, I understand the positive effects that a carefully designed garden can have on our physical health and mental wellbeing. I create designs with an understanding of location and space, and a blend of creativity and practicality.

Within the team I have a particular interest in creating photo realistic images of our proposed designs to help clients visualise how the design will work in their own gardens.

We are all qualified garden designers and are Pre-Registered members of the Society of Garden Designers (SGD).  Sarah is also a member of the British Association of Landscape Industries, and Annabel is the SGD’s International Regional Co-ordinator, giving her a global outlook on garden design trends and ideas.

What We do

Whether you want us to design an easy to maintain family garden, a flourishing garden full of flowers and interesting plants, or a grown-up space for entertaining, we will design your garden around you and the way you use your outdoor space.

We are experts at getting the best out of the space you have in your garden and will ensure it reflects the way you live, for example ensuring you have space for the trampoline so you can keep an eye on the children from the house, or a secluded area where you can feel entirely private and relax and enjoy your favourite tipple.

We are often asked to create low maintenance design and this has become something of a speciality for us. We are also interested in eco-gardening, which covers everything from choosing local plants and making gardens wildlife friendly, to thinking carefully about how to design to meet the challenges of climate change.

We have good relationships with a number of landscapers who can install your new garden, but we like to carry out the planting and finishing touches ourselves.

Whether or not we have developed a garden design for you, we love to create planting designs – to refresh existing planting, to give you a completely new look to your garden borders, or to be more functional such as screening out unwanted views.  We are happy to re-develop just one border or the entire garden.  Each of our clients receives a detailed garden maintenance schedule to help them keep the planting looking as good in the future.

We enjoy working with garden-owners whatever your needs; avid gardeners, those who need help with a particular problem, and those who have a garden for the first time and don’t know where to start. We offer a consultation service to help you on your way, refine your ideas, or maybe look at the feasibility of your plans.

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Sarah, Annabel & Erica