• Spring borders looking good in the sunshine
  • Narcissi muscari and hellebores ensure there is plenty of interest in spring
  • Airy stipa gigantea combine with stachys, penstemon and climbing clematis to make a full-on summer display
  • A relaxing spot on a summer's day
  • Japanese anenomes and stipa gigantea wave gently in the breeze
  • How about a cool drink on the patio
  • Even in autumn there is still plenty of interest
  • Six months after planting the planting is already filling out

This small walled garden needed a plant rethink. Grasses now fill the central space with a succession of flowering perennials forming a colourful centrespread.

Flowering shrubs and long flowering clematis help to highlight the courtyard feel without the walls being the dominant feature.

This garden flowers every season from hellebores in winter to anemones and asters in autumn. Our clients and butterflies, bees and birds are all delighted with the transformation.