• A simple wooden bridge crosses the reed bed to the new seating areas beyond
  • The new brick path gives a welcome feel to the garden from the house above
  • Accents of colour from broom, copper beech and Japanese maples coordinate well with the green woodland feel
  • An attractive seating area surrounded by textural planting
  • Orange geum and red hot pokers add zing to this sunny spot
  • Brick steps blend into the slope so the planting is the focus
  • A line of box edges the grass bowl surrounding the reed bed
  • Before the planting has established the levels and curves can be appreciated
  • The garden has been cleared and the new seating areas and path added
  • Key shrubs and trees were left for structure when we cleared the garden
  • The reed bed can be seen merging into the grassy surroundings. The desire line path has no definition
  • The grass expanse before the work

This sloping eco garden with a reed bed filtration system has been changed from an overgrown space with some nice but hidden planting to a more manageable garden still bursting with wildlife but with added colour, texture and form.

Two new paved areas and a route across the reed bed have opened up this wooded garden and when viewed from the house above has a rhythm and purpose.

Building on the existing palette of autumnal toned plants has made this a truly wonderful garden to be in and enjoy viewing.