Light Up Your Garden

How can you enhance your garden? How can you add drama to it? How can you even extend your ‘living space’ out from your home and into your garden? How can you create an outdoor oasis for family and friends? The answer to all these questions is lighting.

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Small Urban Gardens

The simple truth is that the majority of us live in a city where space is at a premium, outdoor space even more so, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to have a beautiful outdoor garden to enjoy. Here are some design ideas to start or incorporate into your small urban garden space that will maximize your slice of nature and give you endless hours of pleasure.

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Using your Garden to Decorate your Home

Using your Garden to Decorate your Home Thumbnail

Bringing the outside in has been a long standing interior decorating phrase for many years, it is all about linking your outside space with your indoor areas to create a harmonious flow. Today however we are going to explore how to literally bring the outdoors into your home with ideas for decorating your home with flora, fauna and other items found in your garden or wider outside areas.

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Seating and eating

North Leeds Garden Design March 2017 Thumbnail

Lots of us like to use our garden for a bit of alfresco dining – whether we like something hot from the grill or a selection of cool mezes. It conjures up images of piles of scrumptious food, colourful drinks - and the kids playing happily together while everyone relaxes.

Sadly, the reality is often a BBQ under cover of the garage door or golf umbrella (yes I’ve done both these!), while everyone else clusters indoors wondering if the drizzle is going to stop.

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Garden Trends of 2017

Leeds Garden Design Trends for 2017 Blog Thumbnail

The garden may not seem like the place to explore trends – after all, you can’t really make plants grow faster or differently just because you want them to! But there are garden trends, often to do with elements from fashion and interior design that are transformed to outdoor spaces and here are a few of them for 2017.

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Got the front garden blues? - Try making some of these easy changes to your garden this spring.

Leeds Garden Design March Thumbnail

Hurrah - we’re nearly at the end of winter, in fact the Met office says spring begins on 1st of March so I’m counting it as spring already. During those dark days of winter, I bet the only bit of your garden you used regularly was the space between the front door and the street.

Whether you have a large front garden; just enough space to park the car; or only a doorstep, this space represents an opportunity. While there’s nothing wrong with seeing the front garden as purely a place to park the bins and the car, it’s really not difficult to take it to the next level.

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Top Jobs You Can Do in Your Garden in January

Leeds Garden Design Winter Garden Jobs 2017 Blog Thumbnail

January may not seem like the best time of year to be doing anything in the garden. Cold days, the possibility of ice and snow and the lack of daylight hours can make you want to stay inside all snug and warm. But once you are outside there is something a little bit special about being in a cold frozen garden with all the life peeking through underneath. To get the best from your plants, there are some jobs that need to be done at this time of year.

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