Weeds and How to Control Them

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Oh joy! It’s raining again and the weeds are sky-high! 

Its June, it’s raining and the weeds are madly growing. They are the Formula 1 cars of the plant world, zooming ahead into pole position while your specially-bought-and-cared for plants often lurk sulking in the background.

And how quickly this seems to happen! In April your garden looks great, daffodils flowering, then tulips or maybe go away over a bank holiday or two and ta da! it's all turned to dandelions and couch grass.

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Take Charge of your Garden

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Designing your own garden space

It’s time to get the garden ready for summer. But this is also the time of year when some of us realise we need to do a more thorough job than just mowing the lawn and pulling out a few weeds. In fact, with a sinking heart we realise we need a garden overhaul.

If you’re in this situation, the good news is that there are some simple steps to take which can really help you make the right decisions about what needs to go where in your garden. So read on for some tips on how to get going.

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Garden Design in winter?!?

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So this summer you’d like to be enjoying a glass of wine whilst watching the children play in a well thought out outdoor space? It might be a cold winter day in Harrogate, Wetherby or Leeds - but now’s the perfect time to start planning your new garden. The garden design process starts by instructing a garden designer and finishes with that perfect garden in the heat of June – well maybe not cracking-the-flagstones hot but hot enough to sit outside and enjoy your garden! 

To get your new garden designed and built is a bespoke project, developed to suit your needs and tastes. It’s worth taking the time to do it properly – just like with a new kitchen, you need to consider exactly what you need and how it will look before getting it installed.

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Get ready to shop!

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Some tips for getting the most from a trip to the garden centre

Ever been to your local garden centre or online nursery chosen some gorgeous plants, only to find you've actually no idea where to plant them?…either there's no room in the border, or the colour doesn't fit, or it just looks plain wrong. So I thought I'd write this week with some tips to help you avoid this annoying (and expensive) situation.

1. Collect dreams!

Keep a file of pictures of gardens, plants and borders that really appeal to you. Pinterest is a great place to find this sort of thing. Or cut pictures from magazines and brochures. On an idle afternoon, with a cup of tea (or glass of wine!) in hand, have a look through them.

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Welcome to 2014!

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Have you made any New Year resolutions yet? Here’s some gardening ones you might like to ponder as you sit cosily indoors with a cuppa…

1. Get fresh! Put your wellies and a warm coat on and get out into your garden. Then stop. Fill your lungs with fresh air. Have a wander around; really notice what is happening - you may be surprised at the number of colours, shapes and even scents of winter plants. If you haven't got a garden, try a winter walk in your local park. Or visit RHS Harlow Carr near Harrogate, where you’ll find a wonderful winter heather display, and specially-planted winter borders, to enjoy. You’ll come back feeling fresher and more positive.

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From Dream to Reality: How to Choose a Garden Designer

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You’ve decided to enlist the services of a garden designer – someone experienced in translating your wishes into reality. How do you find one and how do you decide who to commission?

Finding the right designer for you One of the best ways to find a good designer is through personal recommendation; ask around your friends and colleagues; do they know a designer or anyone who has had a garden or planting design? If so, ask them more about it – did their designer take the time to understand their wishes? Did they feel they got value for money? Was the project completed on time? Another suggestion is to look on the Society of Garden Designers website the UK body for garden design.

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Keeping your feet dry - ideas for indoor gardening this Autumn

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I went blackberry picking on Sunday and they were the juiciest and largest fruit that I've seen for several years. This confirmed what I'd been hearing in the media-that this year is going to be a bumper one for fruit, nuts and seeds. That's not only good news for everyone who enjoys eating British fruit, it's good news for our garden wildlife too, as birds, hedgehogs and squirrelswill all be filling up happily on this lovely produce before the winter comes.

But after this glut there will be a rapid decline in the amount and variety of food available for our garden birds and animals.

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