Quirky Garden Products - from the useful to the strange!

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As garden designers we are always on the lookout for new ideas, design and products. If you find something very unusual you can base an entire garden design around it, plants to complement and shapes created to help discovery. Whether your garden is large or small, quirky garden products can add extra interest and a little bit of sparkle to you outdoor space.

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Reflecting Peace in a Garden

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If you want to create a space that is perfect for contemplation, there is no place better than your own back garden. It’s the ideal location to recharge your batteries and indulge in some gentle meditation when you need it. Most of us lead stressful lives, in some way or another, and finding a time to quieten the mind and refocus is good for our sense of wellbeing.

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Visiting a Garden Show This Year? Tips on getting the most from your trip

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Garden Shows have become a mainstay in the British calendar, not only popular with keen gardeners and garden designers, these fantastic events are now also a firm family favourite. Whether you are looking for the latest innovations from your favourite nursery, new ideas for fruit and veg for your allotment, looking for exciting furniture for your garden or simply want a great day out with your family, UK garden and flower shows can deliver.

For a quick overview of some of garden shows in the UK take a look at our blog and for a few great tips on getting the most out of your visit to a garden show this year read on.

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What is a Japanese Garden & Inspiration for your Outdoor Space

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If you are looking for calm and order in your garden, you can do a lot worse than bring in a few subtle Japanese influences. While the traditional Japanese garden is something more akin to a temple of serenity rather than a traditional western living space, there is much to be admired in their simplicity and attention to detail.

While we bring our own interpretation to Japanese gardens in the West, they do contain some standard structures that are easily recognisable:

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Creating a Scandi Style Garden in the UK?

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Scandi Style is very much the in vogue design concept at the moment, influencing fashion with great designers like Stockholm girl Ann-Sofie Back and food influences such as the famous Noma restaurant in Copenhagen. Scandinavian Style is on the map and nowhere is this more apparent than in our homes and now our gardens. Incorporating clean lines and understated elegance, with a thought and the right choice of plants and furniture you can easily bring a touch of Nordic charm to your outdoor space in no time at all.

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The Great British Garden Party – Tips for success

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With summer in full swing, many of you might be thinking of having a garden party, whether that’s a traditional barbeque or something a little more up market. As long as the weather stays fine and the guests arrive on time, the chances are you are going to have a good time.

One person who is famous for hosting successful garden parties is of course The Queen. Welcoming over 30,000 guests each year these highly successful events are on a much larger scale than anything we would plan in our gardens but taking inspiration from the way the Royals plan and execute these events can only be an asset.

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Tips on Creating Romance in your Garden

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Gardens are a place to relax, have fun and spend time with your family, but walk into a romantic garden and your whole mood can change. Hidden doors, secret sitting areas and secluded spaces all wound together with a soft curved design and colourful planting can bring out the softer side in all of us.

Planning Your Romantic Garden

A lot is going to depend on how much space you have but even a small garden can be transformed with the right amount of planning and a well-researched garden design. A simple bench surrounded by aromas of wonderful flowers in beautiful colours can certainly create the right atmosphere for romance and magic!

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