Including Architecture in your Garden

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We all understand the concept of a ‘architecturally designed home’ but many of us would not apply the same design strong techniques to our gardens, and there is no reason not to!

Architecture inspired gardens do not just have to be in city centre homes, a strong design aesthetic and a well thought out plan can be applied to any garden anywhere. Cottage gardens, suburban gardens, tiny gardens and large gardens can all benefit from architectural inspiration and an experienced garden designer to help you make it a reality.

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Plants with Purpose – and the gardens that celebrate them

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There is nothing better, on a sunny afternoon, than wandering around the grounds of an historic or country home to see how they have designed or planted their gardens. Garden designs in these places vary enormously, some are designed to be beautiful, some are designed to showcase particular types of plants, some are designed for visitors but sometimes they are designed around plants with a purpose.

Plants have been grown as food and medicine throughout history and today there are some gardens that you can visit that celebrate useful and interesting plants, be they edible, medicinal or have holistic properties.

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Top UK Flower Shows

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Flower shows are so beloved in the UK that there is nationwide coverage of the most famous ones on television and much media interest for more local shows too! From Royal Horticulture Societies to village flower competitions, the UK loves a garden gathering to discuss and explore the nations favourite pastime. While in the past garden shows were only for the professional and keen gardener, today gardening and flower shows have become a favoured day out for all the family.

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Harrogate Flower Show Award

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'Transition' garden wins Silver Gilt Award at Harrogate Spring Flower Show

We are thrilled to anounce we were awared a Sliver Gilt Medal for our show garden at this years Harrogate Flower Show, below is the press release about our garden "Transition" You can read more about how we created the show garden in our blog article here

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Challenge and Transition: the story of a Show garden

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I’ve heard it said that new experiences not only start the brain synapses fizzing but that taking on a new challenge keeps us fresh and full of life. Back in September it therefore seemed an excellent idea to try something we’d never attempted before – designing a show garden! Harrogate Flower Show were looking for designers to design and stage a show garden for their 2016 Spring Flower Show and so we thought – why not!

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Creating a Vintage Vibe in your Garden

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Vintage’ has never been so modern! From vintage cocktails, to vintage dresses, to vintage interiors, the fashion world is harking back to yesteryear for inspiration and there is no reason why your garden can’t do the same.

Vintage plants making a revival

Like all things, blooms go in and out of fashion, and with vintage being so on trend right now, modern gardens are looking back at traditional flowers. These include pretty flowers like Foxgloves, Dianthus (which is one of the world’s oldest cultivated flowers) English Primroses, Hollyhocks and Peonies. Roses, of course, should not be overlooked and are easier to look after than you may think. Modern plants can also be used to great effect especially when mixed with more traditional flowers.

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Green is the New Black

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They say that art imitates life so it is no wonder that so many fashion designers take their inspiration from gardens. When haute couture meets horticulture a dazzling array of floral designed fabrics and organic shaped garments are paraded on the catwalks in style. Floral fashion is not an idea of the past, the Spring /Summer 2015 Chanel Catwalk in Paris was Bloom themed couture as imaged by fashion heavyweight Karl Lagerfield.

See Chanel Catwalk Floral Fashion Here

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