Let’s get creative – how to make a Christmas wreath

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If you’ve ever fancied having a go at making a Christmas wreath for your front door, follow our easy guide to achieving a lovely, natural wreath. It won’t cost you much, the kids can help too – and you’ll have something no-one else has got!

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How to Encourage Wildlife into your Garden

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With the popularity of shows like Springwatch and its seasonal cousin Autumnwatch, encouraging wildlife to adopt your garden as their own has never been easier. For experienced gardeners, the importance of planting pollinators and providing food and refuge in gardens for wildlife has been known for centuries and has been both a practical and a joyful task. The importance of supporting and encouraging wildlife is becoming more well publicised, with documentaries like The Vanishing of the Bees (2009), and campaigns by societies such as the RHS it is a problem that it is now in the public psyche.

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Capability Brown's Gardens

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Mention gardening greats to horticultural enthusiasts and you’ll probably get the name Capability Brown fired back at you. Born in 1716, he has often been called England’s greatest gardener, a landscape architect responsible for the design of some 170 parks, many of which survive to this day. While not everyone’s garden is the size of Capability’s clients’, his inspiration can still be felt today and applied to any sized garden across the UK.

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Getting Autumnal Colour in Your Garden

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Autumn is one of the most colourful times of year, yellows, reds, and burnt oranges can be seen everywhere from inner city parks to countryside hedgerows. While these oranges are common there are also an abundance of colours that can complement, or contrast with autumnal browns and so getting colours in your garden in the autumn can be quite easy!

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Quirky Garden Products - from the useful to the strange!

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As garden designers we are always on the lookout for new ideas, design and products. If you find something very unusual you can base an entire garden design around it, plants to complement and shapes created to help discovery. Whether your garden is large or small, quirky garden products can add extra interest and a little bit of sparkle to you outdoor space.

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Spooky Ideas for a Halloween Garden

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A well designed garden is the perfect place to celebrate seasonal changes and enjoy special days or events like Halloween. A spooky gathering in your garden on All Hallows Eve is fun for all the family young or old. Whether you are planning a Halloween Party for children with all the traditional games or a more sophisticated affair for adults, prepping your garden to be ready to scare is almost as much fun as the party itself!

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Reflecting Peace in a Garden

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If you want to create a space that is perfect for contemplation, there is no place better than your own back garden. It’s the ideal location to recharge your batteries and indulge in some gentle meditation when you need it. Most of us lead stressful lives, in some way or another, and finding a time to quieten the mind and refocus is good for our sense of wellbeing.

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