• Sunny patio
  • Tall verbena and airy grass stipa gigantea beginning to clothe the fencing
  • New patio with planting
  • Lilac replanted into narrow border
  • Family lawn with patio
  • Clematis already climbing up the new fencing
  • Spring bulbs beneath willow
  • The plants in these narrow borders will soon exuberantly fill the space

Shallow raised beds had been created when a recent extension had reduced the garden size meaning the plants had to really work hard to green the space across the four seasons. Added to this the garden was for adult entertainment and relaxation, children playing and for growing edibles.

This garden needed to go up to make the best use of space. An existing willow and Japanese maple formed the basis for the planting design and the colours are reflected in the new planting of amongst other things cornus and various clematis.

Space was also required for some fruit and vegetables, two cordon apple trees are happily growing on the fence whilst runner beans, tomatoes and cabbage also have a home.

To further lengthen the enjoyment of this garden soft lighting was installed picking out the grasses in the summer and the tree stems in the winter.