• The spacious patio surrounded by vivid planting in early summer
  • Spring narcissi welcome you into the garden in spring
  • Spring borders make a beautiful setting for the house
  • Upper patio area is a lovely place to sit on a sunny spring day
  • Eye catching fritilleria makes a great statement in spring
  • The new circular patio is a lovely place to sit when you need some shade
  • In summer the elegant planting beds in the front garden add colour and texture
  • Colourful scarlet geums combined with purple delphiniums make a dramatic backdrop to the main patio in early summer
  • The garden installation in full swing in September
  • Echinacea in the main border looking amazing after rain
  • Beautiful delphiniums make a tall statement of elegance.
  • Colourful delphiniums and geums in early summer

The clients started with wanting a new larger patio and soon decided to remodel the whole garden. The result is a really pleasing transformation to a large garden, making it both more visually attractive and manageable.

The new patio is edged with an eclectic mix of flowering perennials and small shrubs, loosely in blue, purple and white. The colours then bleed into another bed of brighter colours such as red and yellow set under an existing crab apple tree. More muted shrubs have been used near to the fence and climbers have been encouraged to cover other parts further greening the large expanse of fence.

A bespoke metal pergola sits atop a small circular paving area forming a different more adult space away from the house. Surrounded by grasses, flowering perennials and climbers the planting has echoes of those near to the patio but are different enough to be two distinct areas.

A generous herb bed fully stocked with the clients’ culinary favourites is near to the kitchen door.

The front and side garden having once been dominated by large conifers and an unappealing boundary bed have also had a makeover. Simple photinia hedging edges the plot brightening up even the dullest winter day whilst white daffodils give notice of the arrival of spring.

Two further beds have similar planting of small shrubs in silver, green and purple. The two spaces link together well and form a welcoming entrance to the house.

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